Dayna Tohidi

4 February 2017

My New Year's Resolutions and How I Intend to Stick to Them

One month in and I still haven't shared my new year's resolutions on my blog... the reason for this is because I wanted to experiment and actually see if I could stick to them by the end of January!

Stick to an exercise routine

For the past two years, exercise has featured on my New Year's resolutions list. However, somehow I seem to be very self-forgiving and have mastered the art of making excuses for why I should extend my rest day. 


3 December 2016

What Could Brexit Mean for the Fashion Industry?

With Brexit advocates winning the majority vote on the 23rd of June 2016, it was logical for me to explore how this topical event will influence the fashion industry by incorporating my knowledge of economics and interest in politics

Brexit took an immediate effect on the value of the pound, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the manufacturing side of companies. In a recent article, the Business of Fashion cited Financial Services Firm UBS who stated that British clothing and home furnishing retailers source about three-quarters of their goods from Asia. Can you imagine the repercussions of leaving the European Union (EU) on the price of their imports? For a large proportion of companies, there is a tendency to outsource production in countries such as China, where costs are more often than not paid for in the dollar. Considering that the British pound has fallen significantly against the American currency, it would be wishful thinking to ignore that these businesses may experience a surge in their costs. What does the depreciating value of the pound mean for you? Well, your wanderlust to experience Christmas this year in the Big Apple may not be appreciated by your pocket.

29 October 2016

Karen Millen AW16: In Focus Event- meeting the founder of 'In the Frow' blog

Last week, I was given the opportunity to meet my favourite Fashion Blogger, Victoria from In the Frow. On her blog post: ''How to Take Better Fashion Photos for your Blog", she shared that she was going to be the guest for the Karen Millen AW16: In Focus event, so it was a no-brainer to RSVP.


15 October 2016

The “See Now, Buy Now” Concept is Revolutionising the Interaction Between Designers and Consumers

Social media has arguably lead to the rise of fast fashion whereby consumers demand to buy trends instantly as they emerge. Do you recollect drooling over a garment featured on Instagram, and regrettably scrolling passed eager to purchase it? I certainly do.  This has acted as a calling to some of the most renowned designers in the industry, to react to the impatient attitude of the modern shoppers of our generation.


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