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CSM Museum & Study Collection | Heterotopias 

Duration: 25 January - 04 March 2024

Heterotopias is an architecture and spatial design exhibition in collaboration between UAL Foundation Diploma and the CSM Museum & Study Collection. Foundation students were challenged to create diorama models of public engagement spaces, inspired by objects acquired by the CSM Museum & Study Collection through our Graduate Award. These spatial proposals invited critical engagement with a selection of work by CSM alumni from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds, curated according to four key themes: identity, health and care, social justice, and climate emergency. From Ruthann Mburu’s project about the versatility of afro-textured hair and Ella Krispel’s graphic design posters exploring the misrepresentation of immigration by British media, to Jahnavi Innes’ embroidered quilts celebrating black history and Sam Rodway Smith’s headpiece protecting civilians from face recognition technology, there was an object that intrigued or resonated with every student.

Read more about the exhibition here


Lethaby Gallery | EXTOL: Phil Baines Celebrating Letters 

Duration: 07 November - 03 December 2023

EXTOL celebrated letters and letterforms through the work of Phil Baines, a graphic designer and typographer who has spent a career exploring their possibilities. A Professor Emeritus at Central Saint Martins, Phil brought rigorous experimentation, a passion for words and a very individual aesthetic to the disciplines of lettering and typography. With a body of work spanning decorative signage and Penguin book covers to public memorials commemorating the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and July 7 2005 London bombings, the exhibition also shared key influences like medieval manuscripts, rare and early printed books and photographic archives.

Read more about the exhibition 


London Design Festival | Human Resources: Creativity as Renewable Energy in a Time of Scarcity 

Duration: 27 September - 02 October 2022

What is the meaning and value of work? Formerly on show in the Lethaby Gallery, Human Resources was our London Design Festival exhibition bringing together work by 2022 graduates from across disciplines. The exhibition proposed creativity as the renewable energy in a time of scarcity and asked us to rethink what a resource can be, turning away from planetary to humanity.

Read more about the exhibition

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