University Project | One country's trash is not another country's treasure


Educator, researcher and co-founder of the OR foundation, Liz Ricketts, tells Dayna Tohidi how retailer take-back schemes have masked the consequences of the second-hand clothing trade on developing countries such as Ghana

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PLASTER Magazine | Less talk, more action


A year has passed since the murder of George Floyd. Now, Plaster investigates if the fashion industry has delivered on the promises it made regarding diversity

PLASTER Magazine | My life, my choice


Plaster asks two rising London-based creatives from the Muslim Bengali and Sierra Leonean diaspora about their unorthodox career aspirations’ and if their parents’ are supportive

PLASTER Magazine | It's not you; it's the system


Plaster speaks to Fashion Revolution USA about the causes and solutions to the lack of ethnic minorities in leadership positions within nonprofit organisations


University Project: Hanging by a thread


For better and for worse, the coronavirus pandemic has had a seismic impact on the orders placed with British clothing factories since its outbreak in December 2019. Will the EU-UK Trade Agreement and rising demand for ethically manufactured clothing help to prevent the apocalypse of the country's garment manufacturing sector? 


FW Magazine: Taking the mickypedia


Dayna Tohidi writes that Wikipedia's 80 percent male voluntary editorship demonstrates an outdated gender bias. So why is mansplaining endemic in the world's most-accessed encyclopedia?